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About Us

Many years ago, we started buying honey from friends with beehives. We’d use the honey as a sugar substitute in recipes, oatmeal and snacks. It wasn’t long before relatives and friends would ask us to purchase honey for their families as well. Customers that don’t live in the area, but still want our honey, choose to have the honey shipped to them. Soon after, we started purchasing larger orders to promote at local farmer's markets and on busy streets.   
The beekeepers, we work with, live close by and have about 10,000 beehives. Some have been in business more than 70 years, and as a result, know where to move the bees to avoid feeding them sugar and corn syrup.
People often ask if we have our own bees and I tell them, “we have 5 girls, 6 boys and 22 grandchildren”. In fact, in past years the grandchildren would come into the kitchen and ask for a "treat".  But now, with all our delicious honeys, they come into the kitchen and say, "Can I have a bowl of HONEY!" Of course, the answer is YES! It's so wonderful having something they love, that is also good for them. Because of our belief in this product, as well as its many health benefits, we encourage our children, grandchildren, family and customers to more regularly use honey as a substitute for sugar and corn syrup.